How to Measure Your Posts


Measuring up for your post protectors and safety mats is normally very straight forward. We offer a wide range of shapes as sizes, all custom made to your dimensions. The following guide will help you to provide us with the correct sizes dependent upon your requirements:


Measuring Square Posts


If your post is square the sizes we need are the post’s face size and the height you want the post pad to be. As all face sizes will be equal we just need to know the size of one. For example 100mm square x 1.5m high

Post Protector Safety Pad_Living Space CanopiesSafety tip: Only square finish pads can be used on square posts as round post protectors do not offer the same built up protection on the corners.  


Measuring Round Posts


round-postAll of the sizes of round post protectors on our site use the diameter of the post rather than the circumference. We need this size and the height you want the pad to be.

The circumference however, is much easier for you to measure. Do not use a steel tape to measure around the curve as this will distort the size. It is best to use a cloth tape if you have one.

If you don’t have a soft tape simply use a piece of string (or even paper.) Wrap this around your post and mark the size, lay it on a flat surface and measure the size you have marked.

For example 100mm diameter x 1.5m high

Converting your circumference measurement - If you want to give us your post’s circumference rather than the diameter that’s absolutely fine - just let us know that it is the circumference and we will convert it to the diameter for you.


Safety tip:
If your post is round you Post Protector Safety Pad_Living Space Canopiescan choose either a round or square pad from a safety perspective as there are no corners which need extra protection.

    Measuring round posts for Square Pads

measuring-round-padsSquare pads are more cost effective than round but the round ones undoubtedly look better on round posts. The round posts are measured in exactly the same way for square post protectors.


Measuring Rectangular Posts


If your post is rectangular the sizes we need are the post’s width and depth along with the height you want the post pad to be.   For example 100mm x 200mm x 1.5m high        

Design tip: Rectangular pads are also used for covering non-standard shapes, for example a canopy post with a rainwater down pipe attached to it. In this case you take the overall size in each direction in respect of width and depth.


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Testimonials – What do our customers say about us.

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23 reviews
by Dave Ferris on Post Protectors
From: The Cricket Barn

Post protection has arrived and been installed safe and sound thanks Heidi. Looks great! Superb product! Excellent service!

by M. Groves on Post Protectors
From: Kirby Muxloe

Difficult fix for our new tree house but with the support of post protection we were able to configure the right solution.

by Toni Lamb on Post Protectors
From: Panther Fitness

Setting up my own studio was a daunting task and with health and safety being a top priority knew I needed to fit post padding. The customer service was great, answered numerous questions, didn't fluff details and were realistic with timings of delivery even knowing I'd left it late they kept me updated on the progress of my order. Aside from the H&S aspect they enhance the look of the space. Thank you for your service.

by S Wilkin on Post Protectors
From: Witcham Equestrian Centre

The staff were very thorough and patient with what turned out to be a rather difficult job. They put up with endless questions and queries. Everyone I spoke to was always very friendly and helpful and I am really pleased with the finished product. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I would highly recommend you.

by A Plaza on Post Protectors
From: Conewood Street Children's Centre

THANK YOU we love our padded wall, it fits perfectly, it is beautiful and the children can now play around safely. We are very pleased so we are going to tell everyone about you and we will contact you again next time we need to add some padding somewhere.

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